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The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, as the Church celebrates today the Day of the Holy Innocents killed by the hatred of Herod for my Son, I want you to meditate on those my little children who were no more.
As Rachel weeping for her children I am still in sorrow not only for them but for all the innocent blood that has been shed and that continues to be shed mercilessly.
The blood of those innocents purified the way for the Lord who was manifesting himself to the world; they were the first martyrs for Christ.
After the death of my Son, the Church has offered the blood of the martyrs for the faith as a great sign of purification and as atonement of many sins.
Today millions of innocent lives have been taken away by the crimes of contraception and abortion. This is innocent blood, which is silently being shed because of the hatred and contempt of this humanity for the Law of God. This sacrifice is paving the way for the terrible second coming of the Lord in His Power of Justice and Glory.
The precious blood of the innocents is united to the Precious Blood of the innocent Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world as the offering to God the Father to appease His anger.
Such is the Mercy of God that instead of retaliating for this outrage, He sends His Love to every heart so that everyone can be saved by the sacrifice of Jesus.
My child, this is also a symbol of the sacrifice that must take place in every soul, the circumcision of the heart, the sacrifice of the self to the Will of God. This is the death to sin and to the world that everyone must experience with great pain and tears of repentance.
My child, pray for the second coming of the Lord into every heart.

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