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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - AS IF IT WAS THE LAST DAY  633   12/31/1996   AS IF IT WAS THE LAST DAY

I received this message as usual after Holy Communion during the morning mass.
This day I went back to church to spend some time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for more than an hour, during probably twenty five minutes I recalled all the sins of my life and I felt sorry for them, I asked the Lord to wash away my iniquities and the wounds of my sins. I also thanked the Lord as Our Lady asked me to do for my entire life.

Then close to midnight I went to bed, because I was feeling a bit tired to wait for 12 oclock celebrations of the New Year.
Later I woke up a couple of times with great chest pains and weakness in my body, with a lot of pain in my left leg, I thought it was a heart attack; then I thought that perhaps the Lord indeed wanted to receive my life, so I woke up my wife and I asked her to pray with me since I wanted to surrender my life to the Lord.
I prayed like this: Lord you have given me life and apparently you have come now to take it from me. I bless you and I thank you, not my will but yours be done.
I thank you for the life you have given me, I thank you for my family, I love them very much, but if I have to come with you now, you love them more than me and you will take care of them. I trust in you my Lord and I place my entire life and my spirit into your hands. I know that if I stay here I will sin more and I will offend you again, I prefer that you take me now since I find myself in a state of Grace.
I would like to live to proclaim your Holy Name and to be a witness of your Love, I just want to love you and to serve you, to love and serve my brothers and sisters and to pray for their needs, but if I can do more for you by dying now, I am happy to accept your Holy Will.
Then I went to bed again, and several times I was awakened by pain, but somehow I lived to start the new year. I am feeling very well once more, I am still in good health (January 2007).

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, live the last day of this year as if it was the last day of your existence. Recollect yourself in prayer and in thanksgiving to the Lord for the wonderful things He has brought upon your life.
Thank Him for the many graces you have received, for the many prayers He has answered, for the many blessings He has given to you and to all those that you have prayed for.
Make an account of all your sins and ask Him to forgive you, pray for the forgiveness of all sins committed by this humanity.
Humble yourself today as if it was the day of your final judgment and be at Peace with God your Creator.
Every day the Lord shows you your weaknesses, as you commit sin, as you fall asleep and depend on His Grace for life in the new day that will begin.
The Lord renews His Creation daily so that it will understand that God is God.
My child, make yourself very little before the Lord, because without Him you are nothing and it is only by His Grace that you can merit salvation.
Let us worship and glorify the Lord this day and pray for a new year of Grace and blessings.

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