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Mensajes de Jesķs, MarŪa y Dios el Padre - PUT EVERY SPIRIT TO THE TEST  681   2/17/1997   PUT EVERY SPIRIT TO THE TEST

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, listen to your loving mother who wants the best for you and for the Church.
I have been given the Wisdom of God to teach you to fear God, to guide you through pathways of light in this world of darkness.
There are evil spirits everywhere; the devil has been released with his armies of deceit, vanity and lust. Satan is determined to destroy the little good that there is in this world and he is fighting with all his strength because we are in the last phase of his definite defeat. He knows that he will lose the war but in his hatred he wants to inflict as much damage as he can before he is thrown forever in the lake of eternal fire.
My dear child; open your eyes, open your ears, open your heart and perceive what comes from God and what doesnít.
Pray daily for the gift of discernment and be confirmed in the truth by the teachings of Christ.
Put every spirit to the test and donít be enticed by spiritual gifts.
I have asked you to seek God for what He is and not for His gifts or any created thing.
The devil uses the glamour of the world to entice everyone to their own condemnation; he uses the desires of people to be recognized and praised to lead them into pride. He uses even the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit to make people proud and to make them sin.
He attracts people to the forbidden forces of the occult to make them fall into his false light.
Beware my child, donít fall into the trap. You have received something very pure and holy, donít allow your self to be contaminated with the deceit of the enemy.
Stay in the true light, the light of revelation to all the nations, my Son Jesus Christ, the only way, the only truth and the only life.
Pray before you act, remember that the Lord is testing you daily and that it is your duty to discern His Will through the gift of your conscience.

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