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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - CONSULT ME, YOUR MOTHER OF WISDOM  684   2/20/1997   CONSULT ME, YOUR MOTHER OF WISDOM

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, do not let your heart be troubled but come to me confidently, consult me, your Mother of Wisdom, specially at times when you need to discern important things.
I was preserved from the original sin that causes death, I was sinless during my life, but not as a miracle of God but as a Grace of hating evil, as a desire to be humble and obedient, as a continuous exercise of holiness which is to be in the Presence of the Lord.
I was in the flesh just like any other human being and I was also tempted, but thanks to the gift of my free will which is also your gift, I rejected anything that didn’t come from God.
My child, you are in the world and you are surrounded by temptations, it is so easy to sin if you conceive an evil desire in your mind; to avoid sin you must recognize temptations when they come and fight them with the virtues you have acquired.
The more you resist temptation to sin, the more you grow in virtue and receive strength to overcome evil.
My child, be alert and remember that you are not alone, you live in a visible world filled with temptation and you also live in an invisible world of evil spiritual forces wanting to destroy you.
But above all this is the power of you Faith, Hope and Love, assisting you to overcome for the Glory of God.
God does not abandon those souls who seek Him, but rejects those who accept their enemies: the world, the devil and the flesh.
Be alert my child.

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