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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - LITTLE LAMB AMONG WOLVES  686   2/22/1997   LITTLE LAMB AMONG WOLVES

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, I am sending you like a little lamb among wolves, like a child who needs his mother above all, to this world full of hatred and indifference to God.
You find now that faith is confined to a very small portion of humanity, you know that the Word of God has been planted throughout the world but the seeds have fallen upon rocks, upon hearts of stone that will not let the Word grow and produce fruit.
My child, it is as if you live in a small oasis and look around you to see the vastness of the desert.
I am in sorrow for all these souls that are deliberately seeking perdition, for those who reject God because they dont want to resist their own pride. They are destined to be lost.
Share my concern and my sorrow, weep for those who are being lost, pray for all of them so that in the Mercy of God there will still be graces for them to be called to repentance.
Pray for them my child.

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