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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - CLAIMING HIS TEMPLE  740   4/17/1997   CLAIMING HIS TEMPLE

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, the perfection of holiness is found when you truly accept and understand that you are a temple of the Holy Spirit and when you consecrate that temple fully to the worship of the Lord.
It is then that your spiritual eyes are open to welcome the Master who is coming.
It is then that you cleanse yourself in such a way that no obstruction in thought or in vice will prevent you from being filled with Him.
You are a temple of holiness by the design of the Lord, not by your will, for this reason you must surrender your will to God to allow Him to build and decorate your temple. God is Love, so allow the Love of God to flow in your life and this way you will always be plentifully filled. God is Light, so allow the light of God to overcome your darkness by your hatred of evil, by your disinterest for anything that is not of God. God wants to find a permanent dwelling in every heart, He keeps knocking, and you keep being deaf to Him, He keeps shining His Light but you stay in darkness, He is very anxious to embrace you all, but you run away.
In any case, He is always claiming His temple until some day you will react to His call.
God loves you all.

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