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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - BRING MY LIGHT TO THEM  1   6/13/1993   BRING MY LIGHT TO THEM

Feast of Corpus Christi.
I heard a voice within saying, sit down and write. I heard it three times then I sat down and wrote.

My dear child,
The time has come for you to raise the banner of my love in front of those who live in darkness. Bring my light to them, open your heart to them as I did to all of you on Calvary.
My blood poured out in streams of living love, and my mercy flowed endlessly from that moment for the conversion and redemption of the world.
Your days on earth should be lived with great respect and devotion to your God, who has come down from heaven to pick you up from the mud of sin and oblivion, to raise you to the splendour of light.
What a price I had to pay for your redemption... My children still do not recognize the value of my sacrifice for them, and that still makes it more valuable in the eyes of the Father, because that causes me great pain.
You have been created for my glory. Unless you listen to my call, you are glorifying the empire of the evil one, the deceiver, who wants to be your father.
Receive the message of my gospel; listen to the tender heart of my mother, who is desperately attempting to turn you back into the way of holiness. MY WAY.

Messages from Jesus

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