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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - PRAY VERY CONCERNED  117   9/25/1995   PRAY VERY CONCERNED

My son, look around you, look at this humanity. Most of them are blind; they are so far from my Way. They are lost.
They need me but they don’t want me. How can we bring them back? Well, this is why I ask you to pray for them, to return to me and to be saved.
There is only one thing for you to do: PRAY
Make yourself responsible for all of them, make them your children, feel the love of a father for them, love them also as your brothers and your friends. Pray very concerned for them, this way your ordinary prayers will become very powerful with my supernatural help.
Only prayer can save them, bring them all back to my Sacred Heart as you give your life to them through your prayers. This is truly loving one another as I have loved you.

Messages from Jesus

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