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Mensajes de Jesķs, MarŪa y Dios el Padre - THIS GREAT MIRACLE  121   9/26/1995   THIS GREAT MIRACLE

The Heavenly Father:
I will tell you about miracles.
What is man that he should be proud of himself, a nothing in the universe by physical comparison, a nothing without Me.
Even though you have legs, you canít even walk the entire surface of the earth.
Even though you have eyes, you canít even look as far as the end of the universe.
Even though you have a mind, you canít even think or imagine how big the universe is,
Even though you have hands, you canít even create anything. Who can create life?
You are nothing. You are here today and gone tomorrow.
If anyone wants to be proud let him boast about his knowledge of Me.
I am God the Almighty; I am the Creator of everything that is seen and unseen.
I give life to my creation; I sustain it with my Love.
The only reality for man even for the atheist, is that some day death will come, because man is equipped to create sin which in turn creates death.
I am the Author of Grace, I create Life. I am the True Reality.
But from the beginning I showed in my creation the splendour of my Power, and I revealed myself to my people through the prophets.
I gave them my commandments and I gave them Hope and Salvation.
I anointed the prophets with my Power and with my Word so that through the signs they performed in my name people would listen to Me. Then I sent my Son Jesus who brought you my salvation and who performed many miracles, the greatest being His own resurrection.
Who with all his own power has come back from the dead?
Well, this great miracle of the resurrection is the good news of Eternal Life in my Son Jesus.
And this is my call to all of you, to leave the life of sin and death and to enter a life of Grace and Eternity.

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