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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - HUMILITY, PURITY AND LOVE  125   9/28/1995   HUMILITY, PURITY AND LOVE

After mass.

In order to belong to Me, you must surrender your life to Me, that means your body, your mind and your soul. You must become perfect in HUMILITY, PURITY and LOVE.
To humble yourself is to depend totally on Me, it is to find no consolation on anything or any creature but in Me. It is to deny yourself to the point of disappearing so that I may appear, of decreasing so much that I may increase in you.
Purity starts in the heart, and extends to your mind and to your body.
To practice chastity according to your state of life will bring you purity of mind and soul. Will you not have a pure place for Me who am Purity?
Seated on humility, and coming with a contrite and pure heart, you grow in my LOVE.
To love Me is to do my Will entirely.
Bend your will and I will bend myself to pick you up.
To love Me and to love your neighbour is the greatest commandment that demonstrates your Obedience to Me.
The soul that belongs to Me receives my special attention, I am Love and I love unconditionally, but the humble soul has the right of perfect union with Me. I delight in Humility, I delight in Littleness, there is no other way to Me.
I said,” learn from Me for I am Meek and Humble of heart”, my Kingdom belongs to those who can be humble as a little child.
You my chosen soul, do not feel proud because of my gifts, do not cling to your light too much, since I can put you to the test anytime, so cling to Me the Source of Light.
Make me part of everything that you do, no matter how small, let Me be with you, let us be together, LET US BE ONE .

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 Messages from Jesus - HUMILITY, PURITY AND LOVE