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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - ASCEND TO YOUR CALVARY  139   6/10/1995   ASCEND TO YOUR CALVARY

Note: I am given to understand: 1 Calvary: the summit of our faith, where we come to accept Jesus as our Saviour and to trust Him completely. The place where in humility (OUR CROSS) we crucify our attachments to the world by detachment, where we crucify our will to the will of God by obedience and where we crucify our evil inclinations of the flesh by purity.
In Calvary we overcome the world, the devil and the flesh.

I have been watching you my child, you have changed. You were dead in your sins but now you are alive in Me. You were asleep, but now you are awaked. You have repented, you have sought Me and now you have found Me.
I give you my strength daily to carry the cross that I give you by leaning on my grace, so that you may ascend to your Calvary (1) with perseverance.
Be constant, persevere.

Messages from Jesus

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