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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE SABBATH  142   9/9/1995   THE SABBATH

Today is Sunday, the day of the Lord. This is a special day of the week that must be put aside for my Veneration. Many people grudge at the interruption of their rest for Me; or at the interruption of their entertainment activities, they come to mass without any feelings of love for Me.
The day of the Lord is the same as the Sabbath was before my Resurrection, it is a day of Thanksgiving, a day of sacrifice, a day of Worship, a day to be spent with the family, a day of rest. It is one of my commandments; you shall keep this day Holy.
Many people have turned Sundays into a day of worship to the pagan gods of the day; they cause great grief to my Sacred Heart.
Pray my child for those who don’t know the meaning of the Day of the Lord.
Sunday is a day of rest. Rest in my Sacred Heart. Isaiah 58:13-14

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