Messages from Jesus
Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - ebook

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE SPIRIT OF LIFE  150   10/15/1995   THE SPIRIT OF LIFE

My child, without Me you are nothing. Without Me there is only darkness and death.
I am the Spirit of Life; my love fills every soul and all creation. My Love is overflowing, it is always anxious to fill everyone.
I repeat what I have always been saying; will you open the doors of your hearts and let Me in, so that I can share the table of my Kingdom with you?
Will you accept my invitation?
Listen to Me all of you, take heed of my words and live eternally.

Messages from Jesus

Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
The Work of God Apostolate
Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father mjm©#150


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 Messages from Jesus - THE SPIRIT OF LIFE