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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE GOOD NEWS  151   10/16/1995   THE GOOD NEWS

My child, today I am giving you the Good News of my Kingdom.
I am Jesus, your Good Shepherd, your Lord, your God and your Saviour. I have died for your sins; I have paid with my blood for your eternal life. I Love you and I love everyone equally, you all belong to Me.
I call everyone to renounce the self, to exchange it for my Spirit, I call everyone to repentance, to turn away from the life of wickedness into my life of holiness, I call everyone to live in My Presence.
You find Me here in Holy Communion. I am present in every tabernacle and I call everyone to commune with Me; to be strengthened in my Grace and in my Holiness, so that your souls experience the coming of my Kingdom and the purification that leads you to Everlasting Life.
Come to me my dear children.

Messages from Jesus

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