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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - THE DAY OF THE LORD  159   10/25/1995   THE DAY OF THE LORD

My child, prepare yourself more and more for the dreadful day of the end of times, the day so feared by all generations, the Day of the Lord.
Pray and do penance, save yourself and save others by your obedience to God.
I look at this world with immense grief. The wickedness and sins almost choke the little praise and adoration that comes from my good souls, but it is only by your prayers that a few others will be saved. Pray along with my other consecrated souls; pray with my mother, for She is the moderation of the just Anger of God.
This pagan world is so blind, it refuses to listen to my Word, I have exhausted all my ways to call them and to ask them to repent and change, I have had more patience than I should have had, my Mercy is still available but it doesnt seem to attract them since they are so possessed by pride and sin. Many of my faithful have become unfaithful; apostasy is spread all over my church.
Even with all the efforts of my beloved children, my consecrated souls, only a few others will be spared. This is a very serious moment in the history of mankind; this is a decisive moment of salvation for all. This is the transition point between time and eternity. Be ready my child, pray, pray and pray.

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