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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE MOST GLORIOUS DWELLING OF GOD  160   10/26/1995   THE MOST GLORIOUS DWELLING OF GOD

(*) Books that I enjoy reading . The Bible, Books written by St. Louis-Marie de Monfort True Devotion to Mary and others, also The Mystical City of God by the Venerable Maria of Agreda

You have received Wisdom concerning some of the mysteries of my blessed Mother, some through your spiritual reading (*), some more through the revelations of the Holy Spirit.
My Mother is the Most Perfect Being that God has created, She is a true reflection of God, She has been filled with all the attributes and perfections of God, She has been made the Most Holy dwelling of the Holy Trinity.
She glorifies God more than all the physical and spiritual creation put together, because She is the Masterpiece of Creation, The Woman.
Whatever pride and sin offended God through the fallen angels and by men, has been repaired to Him by her Humility and Love, by her Sorrow and by her Obedience. For this She is full of Grace which is available to mankind to enable them to find the perfections that will bring them to glorify God.
This is how “She crushes the head of the serpent” as She releases the Grace of God entrusted to Her.
To be consecrated to my Mother is to be consecrated to God, because I was consecrated to Her in my humanity and because the Holy Trinity is consecrated to Her in Eternity. She is the Most glorious dwelling of God, She is the City of God, She is the Joy of God. She is also your heaven, your Hope and your model.
So when you come to my Mother, you are obedient to my words “Here is your Mother”, She in turn is obedient and joyful of receiving you, ”Here is your son”, for She loves you with the maternal Love of God.
I am your God and your Saviour, but I only save you through the Grace given in my humanity; that is through my flesh and blood, which comes from my Mother, in order that you acknowledge Her great mystery, and that you may be saved through the Grace of God that only flows to you through Her gifts.
To live my gospel to the letter is to imitate Mary, the Holy One of Israel, the Sinless One.
Just as I am Holy, She is Holy, just as I am Perfect She is perfect, and just as I am your Salvation, She is also your salvation.
God has commanded Her to care for you His children, as She cared for Me His Son.
She is only doing her duty, She is now humbly repeating her words “Do whatever He tells you to do”.

Messages from Jesus

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