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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GUILT  171   4/11/1995   ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GUILT

Let me speak to you about Peace today.
Peace can only come to your heart when you have confessed your guilt. Many people confess their sins without any remorse; therefore their guilt remains even though they may have been absolved. That is the reason why many people suffer anxieties, worries, sickness and problems, because wounds remain in their souls.
The guilt of your sins is a very thick wall that opposes my Love, sin creates your personal shelter that covers you from my light.
I want you to make a covenant of Grace with your Lord, by exposing the guilt of your sins to me, so that I can heal you, so that you can be reconciled with me and that my Peace may flow into your lives. This way you will accept your daily crosses with a different approach, always ready to do my will.
When you make your confession, it should be an act of repentance bound by a promise not to commit the same sins over and over again.
I can always see your sins, and then when you acknowledge your guilt, you are calling on my Mercy and I forgive you and wash away your iniquities.
Be free from guilt, walk before me blameless and pure, be at Peace.

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