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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - I AM HUMILITY  187   11/17/1995   I AM HUMILITY

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(1) Genesis 47:19 (2) Job 2:4 (3) Jeremiah 30:9 (4) Psalm 24:8 (5) Wisdom 13:1-8
(6) Luke 1:48 (7) Matthew 11:29 (8) Isaiah 14:11-15

My dear child, do you know what it is to be a slave? You don't even hear about it any more because times have changed. A slave works without rest, without pay and mainly for one reason, that is, for fear of losing his life (1).
And so it is that people have been enslaved by satan, they are tricked into saving this present life at the cost of losing eternal life (2).
Now, can you imagine also how it would be to be in the presence of a king? What respect and reverence you should have for Him? (3)
Well, I am the King of Kings, but I am not receiving what is due (4).
I the humble King, I disguised myself as a slave, I came to serve you, to teach you, to wash your feet, to heal your wounds and finally I gave my life for all of you to save you on the cross.
I am God the Almighty, I am beyond complete human understanding, but I made myself human so that there is no excuse for anyone to deprive himself of knowing me (5).
My Mother is the Master of Humility (6), I am Humility itself (7).
Without humility in the Glorious Presence of God anyone will look at himself as a demon; that is why you must be humble above all (8).

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