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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - DON'T OVERUSE YOUR TONGUE  189   11/19/1995   DON'T OVERUSE YOUR TONGUE

How noisy this world is. Everyone has to talk, he needs to assert himself in front and above others, everyone wants to show how much more he knows than the others, everyone wants to proclaim his existence and his wisdom.
The tongue has been given to you that you may use it to glorify God by praising Him and by being an expression of God. But with so many subjects to be discussed, so many plans to be shared and so many ideas going through your minds, very little time has been assigned to God.
The tongue has become the creator of many storms.
I ask you my child, don't overuse your tongue by talking about unnecessary subjects for your salvation, use your intellect, your reason and your mind to give glory to God. Seek every opportunity to proclaim my Word.
Stay away from discussions, even if they are religious discussions, unless you speak only with my words. You don't need to assert yourself before others, you don't have to show your point of view, you only have to give way to my words and thus you will glorify me, but this takes prudence and silence from you.
The smaller you become before others, the greater you will be, the more you deny yourself to be appreciated and praised, the more you will be appreciated by Me.
The road to Heaven is a silent one; the noise of the world clouds my Presence.
The more you silence yourself, the more I will speak through you. Be silent and attentive to my Word.

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