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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE DEVIL IS MY SLAVE  193   11/22/1995   THE DEVIL IS MY SLAVE

Many say; I had an attack from the devil, when they should not even mention him at all.
The devil has no power over you at all, he can only suggest you what to do. Sin is committed by your own free will, so you are the only one to blame.
If I gave him power to hurt you, then you would be destroyed, remember what happened to Job and what happened to those who were possessed.
I will not permit him to go beyond his limits; that is why I give you the protection of your guardian angel.
The devil is the tempter. If you stay away from me, he will provide as many temptations as he can and he will lead you to sin. He has to flee from you when you are in my Presence, when you start praising me or my mother.
The devil is my slave and he is doing his job of temptation so that I can measure your fidelity to me.
Whenever you are tempted you have an opportunity to overcome the devil by growing in certain virtue. Whenever you have a trial or suffering you are receiving my cross, you are being tested, you are being purified.
If you take my crosses as attacks from the devil, you are mistrusting me and giving credit to the evil one.
To presume that you are having a tremendous battle with the devil on your own can only be pride. I am the Leader of the Armies of Heaven, you are only my little soldiers, I will not let you face the enemy on your own, I will be the one to crush him with Grace, you can affront him only by not sinning.
The best weapons that you can use against him are humility and obedience.
This battle is a spiritual battle and there is no physical harm involved. If you put your trust in me nothing will happen to you and I will protect you, on the other hand he will use even the trials that I send you to make you think that you have been neglected by me.
Pray and don't pay attention to him, when temptations come recognize his presence there, but fight him with virtues.
Pray that you may receive the gift of discernment and above all trust in Me.

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