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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - YOUR TICKET  194   11/22/1995   YOUR TICKET

When you want to attend a special function, you have to buy a ticket so that you can enter.
However to enter Heaven I invite you to come for free. People work and then receive their due rewards. But to enter my Kingdom you don't have to buy your ticket with your works.
Faith without works is worthless, but the meaning is not understood, because works of faith without humility and obedience have no merit whatsoever in my sight.
Grace is not accumulated by works but is given as a reward for your faith.
Your faith is shown by obedience to my commandments, and you can only be saved by my Grace. Grace is abundantly given to the humble.
When you are clothed with my Grace then you are ready to enter Heaven.

Messages from Jesus

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