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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - I AM VERY CONCERNED  198   11/24/1995   I AM VERY CONCERNED

The Heavenly Father:
My little child, If I were to exercise the Power of my hand over you, then you would be crushed beyond dust. But I am slow to anger, rich in Merciful Love and I care gently for you.
I am your loving Father, in every one of you there is a little bit of Me.
Just as an earthly father loves his son and suffers for his rebellious children, so I am very concerned for my rebellious ones.
This is why I hold my Justice until I have exhausted all my Mercy; come back then all of you to my Fatherly Love through my Son Jesus. I am waiting.

Messages from Jesus

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 Messages from Jesus - I AM VERY CONCERNED