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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - SINNERS REPENTING  201   11/27/1995   SINNERS REPENTING

(1) Luke 7:22 Tobit 14:6 (2) Jeremiah 26:13 Matthew 18:3
(3) Luke 15:10 (4) Zechariah 1:3

My blessed child,
See how some people are converting, they are turning away from the life of sin and are coming back to me (1).
You may not see too many, but it is happening; you can see personally how you have changed (2).
Nothing is more pleasant to me than to see sinners repenting and coming to me with a contrite and humble heart (3).
That is why I have said return to me and I will return to you (4).

Messages from Jesus

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