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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - GOD'S LOVE  214   5/12/1995   GOD'S LOVE

My child, I will teach some things about Love.
You were born to love, since you are made in the image of God and I am Love.
To love is to open your heart to receive God's Love, which will flow out to love God and to love your neighbour. To love is the natural tendency of all my creatures.
Love is my great gift to you; it is not of your own making, so when you love you are showing that God lives in you.
The meaning of Love gets lost when people contaminate Love with Self Love; it is as if you are working for yourself and not for God. It does not reflect my Love and it becomes Pride, the greatest enemy of the soul.
To love is to express Thanks to God, which is the natural debt of my creation. I redeemed my creation at the cost of my life; therefore it is very important to give Thanks to God through my greatest act of Love, my dying on the cross for you.
No one has given anything to God so that God should repay him for it, so the natural response to His Love is to love Him, to thank Him and to do His Will.
If you want to grow in Love, you must look at my Mother, who truly loves God the Father by doing His Will, who truly loves God the Son by being my Mother and who truly loves God the Holy Spirit by being His Heavenly spouse, and who truly loves you too because She has begotten you, her children at the foot of the cross.
Unite your love to my mother's Love and offer a sacrifice of Thanksgiving to God.

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