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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - POWER OF THE CROSS  22      POWER OF THE CROSS

* Dream. I was sleeping on a couch in a large dark room. Suddenly a tall and very strong man of elderly appearance came to me and grabbed me by my hips and chest.
As he was pressing his hands he went through my chest I felt that he was crushing my soul and that I was dying. Then I heard the voice of someone within, perhaps my spirit or my guardian angel saying: It is an evil presence. Then I made an effort and I signed myself with the sign of the cross and then I woke up.
Following morning message.

My child I allowed this encounter to happen so that your faith may be strengthened and that you realize the power of my Holy Name and the power of the Cross. If you are with me, who can be against you?

Messages from Jesus

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