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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - MY WILL IS MY POWER  222   12/12/1995   MY WILL IS MY POWER

In the morning at work.

The Heavenly Father:
What is my Will?
My Will is my Power.
Ever since I gave my creatures their own will, they have opposed my Will to please themselves, they have rebelled against me, they have wanted to create their own independent worlds away from me.
When you will against my Will you fill yourself with the power of your pride. You deny my power over you and then you sin. This will affect you and others, but I allow it for my own purposes, so that you may come back one day sorry for what you have done or that others may receive some kind of affliction for their own purification.
I am your God, who controls everything, whether good or bad.
I created the opposites to test you, so when it is cold you want it to be hot, when it is hot you want it to be cold, when you are in darkness you need the light, when you are in the light you throw yourself in darkness again. You spend your lives trying to condition things around you back and forth seeking happiness at any cost.
People reject life by abortion and contraceptive methods, they reject also death when it is imminent by trying to stretch it with the most complicated medical means available, they feel so bad when illness come, when accidents happen, when tragedies occur. They suffer so much when they receive my cross.
It is my pleasure to see someone helping someone in need, so I am not against you comforting one another; it is all right that you help to carry each other's burdens, because I call you to charity.
But in the sunny periods of your lives you ignore me, and as a last resort when calamity strikes, you come to me weeping and seeking my help.
How come you don't consult me about my will? Why do you ignore me and try to put the blame on people or things?
When someone is terminally ill, about to die, or after a fatal accident, they come running to the doctors believing that they control life, sometimes they make them gods, because they don't acknowledge life coming from me, they forget that I also have the power to let death strike.
Where is my will in all their problems? Where am I in the middle of all this? Can't you see me putting you to the test and showing you that I am in control?
Yes, nothing happens by chance, I created human life perfect and immortal, until you disobeyed. After the fall of humanity I knew all the dangers and mishaps that you would have to endure until the time that I would stop your earthly life.
It is my Will. Everyone has to suffer, to die and then to come to judgment.
Whether you die today or tomorrow or whenever, it is my Will, it is my Power.
So, shouldn't you be always ready to face me? Shouldn't you accept everything that I send you when you know that it is my will and that even if it looks unpleasant, it is designed to perfect your soul? Shouldn't you carry my crosses gladly so that you can come to Calvary where I will tell you to be with me in Paradise?
True Joy can only be found in me, there is always something lacking in earthly happiness, and that is the joy of my Presence.
Unless you unite your will to my Will, you will always be disappointed, because you will never obtain what you want, when you are with me, the opposites seem to disappear and you accept my will with joy.
In heaven there is nothing to upset you, nothing to make you desire something better, because I am your everything.
Why do you worry when you are getting old? wishing to live a very long life, when the more you live the more you will sin, and the more dangers you will encounter for your souls. I give you sometimes a long life, and it is full of opportunities to come to me, to come to my mercy and to live a holy life.
I permit a sudden tragic death to occur around you so that you are shaken and that you may realize the fragility of your lives, I seem at times very drastic so that you can see the reality of my Power, so that you feel fear for your sins and that you repent and start a new life in my Presence.
Remember about the tower of Siloam, Lk.13.4 when eighteen people died tragically.
I permit hunger and disaster to strike entire nations, to show you, who are well, that it may also come to you, and also to present opportunities for you to help your brother, to express your love to the poor and the needy.
Everything that I command is perfect, why do you reject my judgments? Why do you criticize my will? Why are you so blind as not to see that I am showing you the power of my arm behind all these evils that strike you? Why don't you come down on your knees and ask me to forgive you, and amend your lives while you can?
You who are wise: Wisdom is the fear of the Lord, praise me for my Judgments, see me as the Infinite Source of all good, accept my will and you will live forever.
My Son Jesus said: my food is to do the will of my Father, so now I ask you to say your fiat in imitation of Mary: let it be done to me according to your will.
Let love truly be perfected in you so that you will be glad to face my final judgment. Be happy in anticipation of the moment of your death.
Those who find their lives will lose them, those who lose them for my sake will find them.

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