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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - MY SUFFERINGS  225   12/13/1995   MY SUFFERINGS

7.55 PM before Cenacle devotion.

Can you imagine all my sufferings my child?
Think of all the physical pain that I had to endure; my body was a complete sore, my limbs were dislocated as I hanged on the cross, my vision was blurred, my thirst was incomparable, my tiredness was unimaginable, my wounds hurt me all over, my crown kept on piercing my head, I was running out of blood, I felt abandoned by my Heavenly Father, I felt like a worm, despised, unattractive, rejected, and abandoned by my disciples. I experienced total weakness.
Think of all my spiritual sufferings, it all began at the last supper when I shared my body and my blood for the first time, it continued in Gethsemane, where I experienced suffering for every soul that was ever created, where I saw the indifference of humanity to the Son of God who came to redeem them, where I saw their rejection of God throughout the ages. The gospels only tell you that my soul was sorrowful unto death, but think my son of all my distress for each and every soul as I dragged my cross to Calvary, as I was wounded, pierced and died for each one personally.
My physical and spiritual sufferings must become your meditation, because as you do this you will be drinking the living waters of my Love.
My cries still echo for all eternity as I called every soul to the ocean of my Mercy during these moments of my pain.
My name Jesus means Saviour, and this is a great name, the One who has the duty to save you. True to my name I humbly surrendered my Life to my Father so that you could live, so that we would be One.

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