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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THIS LITTLE BABE  244   12/25/1995   THIS LITTLE BABE

My dear child,
Contemplate this little babe, born in a cold manger, rejected by the world, ignored by his people, but accepted by the humble and the poor.
Contemplate the Word of God who became flesh and has the power to redeem you, contemplate my humanity as I look fragile, weak and helpless, as I come to a poor cave instead of a palace, as I come holding the Power of God in the weak instrument of my humanity, as I humble myself to serve you.
Contemplate me as this little babe born of the Virgin Mary, as I give glory to God with my Incarnation and as I give peace on earth to those who do the will of God.
Imitate me by your own weakness and fragility; imitate me by your detachment of the riches of this world and by your simplicity. Imitate me by your love to my Mother; imitate me by your surrender to the will of God.
To the believers, to the humble I give the Power to become children of God.

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