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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - DESIRES  267   1/16/1996   DESIRES

You are made up of desires. Your heart longs for all the things of creation, firstly to please your body, your senses and your ego, secondly to please your imagination.
Desires bring satisfaction when they are fulfilled; but all those desires contrary to the desire to possess me, hinder your union with me.
Your earthly satisfactions are merely a small foretaste of your Infinite Heavenly Joy.
Would you imitate Esau, by having your material rewards in exchange for your heavenly ones? Don't you see my child, how futile it is to attach yourself to anything temporal or perishable? But if you attach yourself to me, you become part of me, and you live forever. So let your desires be only for my company. I also desire your company.

Messages from Jesus

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