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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - PURITY  269   1/18/1996   PURITY

Today I will speak to you about Purity. Purity comes from the heart, it is like a beautiful flower that is blossoming and gives credit to the good seeds that have been planted in Faith, Hope and Love.
Purity is the respect for God's temple and must be cultivated with great care.
The enemy is always ready to destroy it, and you must be aware of his snares.
The purity of the temple of the Spirit God must be jealously guarded, because without purity, the Lord can not dwell within you.
At the first sign of temptation, you must occupy your mind with something different, you must think with the mind of Christ.
You must make your heart like mine, meek and humble, pure and perfect.

Messages from Jesus

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