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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - PRAY FOR THEM MY CHILD  27   7/29/1995   PRAY FOR THEM MY CHILD

Yes my child, it is by your true humility and surrender that you obtain my continuous presence and that I abide in your soul. As you empty yourself of everything and give yourself to me, I come to reign in your heart. If every soul would humble and allow me to possess it as you have allowed me, this earth would be changed into a new earth for all and there would not be any more suffering, only joy, the joy of heaven. I am placing a big responsibility in your hands, I am giving you all my souls that you pray for them and bring them back to me. I love them so much, but so many are trying to hide from me, they turn their backs on me, they are crushing my presence of light with their darkness, they make me suffer as I suffered in Calvary. Pray for them my child, I will listen to your prayers, make little sacrifices for them and I will save them, see me in every one of them and have pity on me.
Just as you see a person and you know that I live in him or her, the body is just the house where the soul lives. In the same way you see my creation, but that is only my house.
So, see me in everyone and pray for them.
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Mother Mary
Yes my child, Jesus is very pleased with your love for Him, do his will taking up this job of co-redemption that the Lord is giving you, I love you my child. I crown you with the triple crown of Peace, Love and Joy.

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 Messages from Jesus - PRAY FOR THEM MY CHILD