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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - ALWAYS CHOOSE WELL  282   1/30/1996   ALWAYS CHOOSE WELL

I said to the Lord, Lord, I have sinned against you, I have failed you, I don't deserve to be called your son, since the children of God don't sin, many times I tell this to people and now I find myself unable to overcome my temptation, Lord, I don't want to live to sin, take away my life so that I don't have to offend you. I am very sorry Lord, that all humans starting with Adam have sinned against you, I would like to be perfect, holy, a saint, Lord, but I can see how unworthy I am, I don't even deserve this gift of being able to hear you in my heart, I feel that I am not responding well to your Love, I am a hypocrite, because I tell others to be holy and I am not. I am sorry to have failed you Lord, I feel very discouraged today, at least a corpse doesn't offend you, but I am alive and weak before temptation, I am so unworthy of you my Lord.
Please help me Lord, take my life now if that will stop me from sinning again, and if I live I just want to live to praise you and to glorify you. I don't want to sin. Please respond my Lord.

I have set before you good and evil, life and death, always choose well. The road to perdition is wide and easy to walk on; the road to heaven is narrow and uphill.
Because you have been given free will, it is up to you to decide, it is up to you to follow me. There are times of temptations and persecutions, but there are also times of consolation, joy and peace. Do not despair my child, continue to fight the good fight, put on the armour of God, don't let the evil one run over you but persevere in your prayers and entreaties. Such is the will of God, that you be tested to the limits, so that in your weakness you have to rely on my Grace and my Strength. Never question the Will of God, but be submissive, especially when trials come. Persevere in your faith, have courage my child.

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