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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - I AM INVISIBLE  286   2/3/1996   I AM INVISIBLE

My child, I am with you even though you cannot see me. I am Spirit, I am invisible and of course you are blind to see the Spirit. However I became a man to give you wisdom and salvation, I continue to show myself to you in the humble host of the Holy Eucharist.
Do not be deceived my child like many who don't believe in my Presence, many of them even ignored that God was visiting them personally two thousand years ago, and they condemned me to death. I also come to you now in this humble appearance of bread and wine to strengthen your faith and to purify you for eternal life. I am Love and I am also found in every expression of Love, in every moment of trust in your Lord, in every goodness that you can think of.
To have a complete experience of my Holy Spirit, you must become impersonal, and you must surrender to the action of my Presence.
My Holy Spirit is the Spirit that created the world and that sustains life, it is the same Spirit that acted through the prophets, that opened the red sea, that caused fire to come from heaven, that caused the rains to come down from heaven in times of draught, that caused all my miracles, and that continues to cause supernatural holy miracles, which are small demonstrations of the Power of God.
My Holy Spirit descends with Power, when the soul surrenders to God, when it becomes so impersonal that God can truly dwell in his temple; then I can be seen in my Glory, then I become visible in my works.
You also find me in my Word which speaks with authority and conviction because I am the Truth; those who learn the truth are set free from ignorance and evil.

Messages from Jesus

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