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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO GOD?  289   2/6/1996   WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO GOD?

My child, many times during the day I speak to my souls and I present to them suggestions for the fulfilment of my Will. I come tenderly to everyone even though I am continually ignored.
Who wants to listen to God, when they are so self assured, when they think they know everything and when they resent to be told anything contrary to their will?
And yet I am the One who cares for everyone with sincere Love, wishing for them to be saved.
Very few souls approach me with the intention of receiving my Counsel. It seems as if they are afraid to hear something that will hurt them, on the other hand they listen daily to the evil one eagerly, even though they are so blind and deaf that they don't discern his voice.
They distrust me so much that they reject my voice for fear of having to face the Truth.
I am standing at the door knocking, if anyone hears my voice, I will present my Will to him and he will walk on the safe road.
My children; be alert for my subtle voice, don't expect me to speak with thunder and earthquake, but with gentle care and persuasion, with the voice of my Mercy.
I am meek and humble of heart; I speak humbly being true to my nature. Open your hearts to the silent voice of my Will; don't be surprised by the voice of my Justice.

Messages from Jesus

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