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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - MY MOTHER  291   2/8/1996   MY MOTHER

Come my child; enter the temple of my Glory, the Throne of the Most Holy Trinity, the Immaculate Heart of my Mother.
Come my child to be purified in this temple of worship, enter this heaven of God and men, come to this merciful refuge of sinners that was opened to all when I said: Behold your Mother.
My Mother is Mother of God because I am God, and She became the Mother of Humanity because I became man to make you all brothers, children of God and children of my Mother.
She is the perfect image of the Holy Trinity, the Splendour of my Glory, the One in whom I want you all to be formed in my Christ Image.
Christ is the perfect man no other man can be perfect unless he is formed in the Spiritual Womb of Mary my beloved mother.
She is the most beautiful gift that God has bestowed on His creation; She is the perfect humble creature, that has fulfilled perfectly the Will of God. No angel, nor spirit, nor creature whatsoever has glorified the Holy Trinity as my Mother.
She is the Ark of the Word of God, prefigured by the ark where the tablets of the Law were kept. She is the Ark of your Salvation prefigured by the Ark of Noah, She is the Ark of the Covenant because She bore me in her womb, and since I came to the world through Her, you must come to Heaven through Her, because I took flesh and blood from Her and in your Covenant with God you must eat my flesh and drink my blood which comes from my Mother.
She is the Most Holy Tabernacle of God, the Holy of Holies. She is the City of God, Mother Zion, whose children are those who do the Will of God and obey His commandments. She is the great secret of Wisdom, because when you know and love Her you know and love God. When you serve and honour Her you serve and honour God. Remember my commandment: Honour God your Father and honour Mary your Mother.
The most perfect worship to God is done in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen and Mistress of all creation by my decree.
No one who comes to my mother is rejected by me, because Her Will is my Will.
She is the greatest advocate of sinners and the dispenser of my Mercy and Grace. She is the easiest way to me your God, because She is the only One worthy to stand in my Presence and pray for your salvation, She is the Sinless One.
So come to my mother all of you who are sinners, find your mother, your friend, your advocate; bend your pride and come humbly to Her all of you who need help, be succoured now because She is the Light of my Mercy.

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