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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT  292   2/9/1996   FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

Like a horse in array for battle, dauntless, fearless, ready to thrust into the enemy line, full of courage and determination to serve his master, unmoved by the lances and arrows of the enemy; so, I want you to fight the spiritual battle between good and evil.
The forces of evil are all around you and they attack fiercely the servants of God. Satan is determined to destroy my good followers, he doesnt spare any trick or snare to make you stumble. For this reason you must be covered with the armour of God, you must be prepared to defend your faith and to fight till the very end for the holy purpose of your salvation.
This is the time when the enemy covers himself with light and in my name is beginning to show great portents and wonders to deceive many of my weak children.
Only my Grace can protect you and you must be continually dependent on my counsel through the Holy Spirit.
Alas for those who reject my One and Only Church, the Roman Catholic; which provide you with my Mercy and my Grace, through the sacraments of penance and Holy Communion. How difficult it is for those branches who have cut off themselves from the Vine of my Mystical Body. In my Justice I will have to pronounce to them the words: I do not know you.
Pride is the gravest sin because it defies God, in their pride many do not accept the Son of God and His Church, they procure themselves their own WAY, they proclaim their own false TRUTH, they reject LIFE and they are simply doomed to die.
Fight the good fight my child, together we will achieve Victory. Your enemies are rebel spirits who can only be conquered by Humility and by my Cross.

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 Messages from Jesus - FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT