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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - DISPENSER OF ALL GIFTS  293   2/10/1996   DISPENSER OF ALL GIFTS

My child, I am the dispenser of all gifts; I give to everyone according to my good pleasure when the moment is opportune.
A child is the heir of the fortune of the parents and so are you in relation to me my child, therefore everything that I have is yours, but as you see you are only a little spiritual child, and you are not ready to receive as much as I would like to give to you.
There is a time for everything, so as you grow you experience my gifts which are consolations to strengthen you along the road that you have taken.
When you come to Heaven, everything that you have merited will be yours. Every cross deserves a crown, every suffering and every sacrifice will receive a glorious reward.
Rewards are given as prize for sacrifice and suffering. I merited the gift of your salvation with my sacrifice on the cross, and I expect you to share my sufferings and my cross, so that you may merit your salvation and the salvation of others. It would not help you to receive many gifts now because it would undermine your faith.
I want faith to be a virtue based on Love for me, not for my gifts. Love me as the dispenser of all gifts and the powerful and generous Father that I am, but don't center your attention only on my gifts.
If you can live your life in spiritual poverty, you will be richer in Heaven.
I love you my child.

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