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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - OPEN THE GATES  296   2/12/1996   OPEN THE GATES

Open the gates of your hearts and your souls to your King. I am the King of Glory vested in Majesty and Splendour. I am the radiant Light of Heaven that destroys the darkness of sin and pride. Humbly remove the obstacles that shut your temples and let me enter triumphantly as when I entered Jerusalem. Prepare the way for the Lord of your lives with repentance and humility, since there is no other way. I must repeat myself over and over just as I knock at the door of every heart, as a beggar who waits humbly knowing that most of the time he is rejected.
My prophets were rejected, I was rejected, my apostles were rejected and all my followers are also rejected.
But I am the rich and generous King that brings you the treasures of your salvation. Those who reject me are rejecting their own good, they have enthroned satan the king of the world in their hearts; they can not bear my light because they prefer the darkness of their sinfulness. Pride has conceived sin in them and they are blindly walking into the eternal abyss of hell.
To them I address myself humbly and with merciful eyes hoping that they will take a glimpse at me and that they will decide to come back.
Pray my child for the hopeless, pray for the generous graces of my merciful Holy Spirit to transform the lost into found, the ugly into beautiful and the sinful into holy.

Messages from Jesus

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