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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - UNGRATEFUL CHILDREN  298   2/14/1996   UNGRATEFUL CHILDREN

My child, today I ask you to be very concerned for the youth, most of them have abandoned God, they are rejecting what is good, they are rejecting their parents, they are rejecting authority. They are welcoming anything that is impure and are demanding as much pleasure as they can get out of their bodies at any cost. They don’t respect themselves any more and they are giving themselves willingly to the devil. There is too much of the wrong entertainment, television, bad music, drugs and bad company. It is very sad to see that Sunday the day of the Lord is totally ignored by them and it has become a day only for pleasure.
As Rachel weeping for her children, so I want you to be concerned for them with a motherly attitude. As your Heavenly Father waiting for his prodigal children to return, so you too must eagerly pray for them to come back to the true road. Fill your self with my Love and adopt this rebellious humanity, care for them as a true spiritual father and mother.
My Blessed Mother sheds many tears of sorrow for these ungrateful children, unite yourself to her lament and hope, pray for them to convert.
I said love one another as I have loved you, I love you all with fatherly and motherly love.
When you love others, you are letting the Love of God pass through your soul to others; this image of Love is imprinted in your soul as Light that shines for all eternity.

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