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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - DENY YOURSELF  301   2/16/1996   DENY YOURSELF

My child, write these words in your heart, DENY YOURSELF. Yes, if you truly want to be my disciple and follow me, you must deny yourself.
Deny yourself all the attractions of the world, all the beauty of temporal things, all the vanities, the riches, the attachments to all that is passing by and yearn for the eternal and holy things, become totally spiritual.
Deny yourself of the calls of the devil that is constantly trying to destroy souls, presenting to them temptations in every way according to their weakness, who doesn’t tire in the quest for your soul and who tries to separate you from my Presence. When the soul listens to him, she is seduced by his lies and unknowingly accepts him as Lord, losing my Grace and protection.
Deny yourself the attractions of the flesh. Your body has been created from dust and it is full of lowliness, desiring pleasure from all its senses. As you gratify the calls of your body, you have less time for the calls of my spirit, your soul becomes the slave of the body and it doesn’t desire any more for the spiritual.
As you deny yourself the attractions of the world, the devil and the flesh, you receive my strength to overcome and to become victorious.
This is the way you prepare the grounds for my kingdom.

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