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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - DEFEND THE TRUTH  302   2/17/1996   DEFEND THE TRUTH

My child, I have anointed you with my Spirit of Truth, so that you may discern what is good and what is bad, what is false and what is true.
See in the Light of the Truth the errors which are present everywhere. These errors come to all kinds of people, even to the virtuous, they undermine the true faith and the demon takes advantage of these little blemishes to create big stains on the whiteness of my purified souls.
Those who are accepting error as truth become very proud and defend their worldly wisdom at the cost of my Grace.
People these days are repeating the same words of Pilate, What is Truth?
I am the Truth, listen to my voice of Truth and follow the gospels to the letter.
Defend the truth by witnessing my Word, with humility and kindness, let your goodness overcome the deceit of others.
The Truth is contaminated with personal belief, so this worldly wisdom is claiming to know more than Gods Wisdom.
I have died for the Truth. Be my follower, defend the Truth.

Messages from Jesus

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 Messages from Jesus - DEFEND THE TRUTH