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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - UNITE YOUR FAITH TO MY POWER  304   2/19/1996   UNITE YOUR FAITH TO MY POWER

( * ). The Lord refers to several occasions, including yesterday when I prayed over people affected by unclean spirits, to whom the Lord has cleansed with His Power of Deliverance.
These people start shaking, some of them make faces and noises, then the Spirit overpowers them and they fall to the floor, sometimes the exorcism continues for a while until the Peace of the Lord rests on them and they don’t move any more.
After these prayers of deliverance, I suffer experiences of great temptations from the evil one, I have seen the angry face of the devil several times and I pray to the Lord for His Protection.

As you read in my Gospel, there were many possessed by evil spirits, and they were cast out by my Power.
Nothing has changed today; people are still possessed by evil and unclean spirits that seek the destruction of souls. I am still as powerful as before through those who believe in me, and you have seen my Power at work ( * ).
It is only through faith, prayer and fasting that you can cast out evil spirits. The pride of the devil can not resist Humility and Grace, so these are the weapons that you must use.
You must fast with your senses to become a very spiritual man, one on whom my Spirit rests powerfully to throw down and crush with humility the damaging forces of evil. When you become spiritual you become aware of this spiritual battle and you take part in it with your prayer. For this I ask you to pray in the Spirit, to unite your faith to my Power, so that you can be a very useful servant and soldier of my Kingdom.

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