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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - SPIRIT OF CHANGE  307   2/22/1996   SPIRIT OF CHANGE

My dear child, today I will speak about change. I am Immutable, Unchanging, all Perfect without any need for change. Nothing and no one is perfect since this is reserved only to Me. However I have created you in my image and I have commanded you to be perfect and holy as I am Perfect and Holy.
There is a great need for change. Try daily to improve in all the good things that you can do, try to excel and to be perfect. See all your imperfections in the Light of Christ and discover how far you are from your goal.
For the sinner, a change of heart is very urgent, and that can only come about through repentance. For the virtuous, a constant growth in holiness is required, that can only be achieved by being very little and by avoiding spiritual pride.
The sun comes every morning to renew my creation with its light; every thing is changing daily following my physical laws.
In the same way the Light of my Sun of Justice is renewing my spiritual creation with His rays of Healing and Love.
If you come to my Light you will change for the better, but if you stay in the darkness you can only get worse.
Every day is a new opportunity to resolve to change and to improve in your spiritual life.
My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of change.
Pray to the Holy Spirit to come and to renew the face of the earth, to enkindle the fire of Love in many hearts so that they may change and grow.

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