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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - PLANT THE SEEDS OF MY GOSPEL  308   2/23/1996   PLANT THE SEEDS OF MY GOSPEL

After Holy Communion, the Lord gave me two separate visions, first I saw a beautiful little box covered with black velvet, it was approximately three inches long, on the outside wall there was a word which read ENGRAVE, A few seconds later I had another vision, this time I saw a lit candle trying to enter a narrow crevice on a broken cement slab. I seemed very difficult to put this candle through there. Later during the day I asked the Lord the meaning of these visions, He told me that the little box meant the treasure of the Word of God, which we have to engrave in our hearts, it looked like a little coffin, because it contained the seeds of life that have to die as pride dies within, and also meaning that Christ died for us. The candle signifies the Light of God that is so difficult to enter a heart of stone, it can only penetrate through the crevices that are open sometimes through listening, other times through suffering.

From the depths of the silence of your heart I raise my voice, so that you can hear me, and yet my voice is just the echo of my Holy Scriptures. I don’t come to you with any special revelation, because everything that I say to you has been written.
You have been given the very special gift of my company, which gives you the ability to listen to my word with your heart. It is a result of your complete change of life, your trust like a child in my Holy Scriptures, and your commitment to my entire Will. My Word is Wisdom and Understanding of the Truth.
Most people don’t take my Word into their hearts, but my Word of Life is to be engraved in your heart as my Sacred Law. For this, I ask you to meditate daily on my precepts and on my salvation. Plant the seeds of my Gospel in your heart and allow them to grow by your humility and by the bending of your will to the reminders of my Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit makes my words of Holy Scripture clear to anyone who accepts my Word as the Word of God. If they analyze my words with the intellect, then I become just a worldly science and for this they are blinded.
But if they open their hearts like little children, to believe and to obey, then the veil of my mysteries is removed, and my Word reveals the complete Truth.
Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free, free to enter into the Joy of my Promises to the believers, the foretaste of Eternal Life.

Messages from Jesus

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