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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - FAVOURED WITH MY LOVE  319   2/3/1996   FAVOURED WITH MY LOVE

My child, realize that everyone, and every creature is favoured with my Love, because you are the work of my hands. I have called everyone to love in response to the infinite Love by which you have been created.
In everyone there is a little flame of Love that is never put out, a spark of my divinity, a ray of my Love that comes from my Sacred Heart.
This fire of Love moves everyone to remember God and to live a life worthy of His pleasure and Glory.
In some people it becomes manifest at a very early age, as in the case of the saints, in others it is retarded by their own doing, others only express the need of my Love at the hour of their death.
Just as it takes nine months for the body to be formed in the womb, so the fire of love is given the opportunity of a lifetime to grow and to become Light just as I am Light.

Messages from Jesus

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