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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - BE CHARITABLE  326   8/3/1996   BE CHARITABLE

Do you want to serve me? I answered of course Lord.
Would you like to heal my wounds? I answered of course Lord.
Well, whatever you do in the virtue of charity to anyone of your brothers and sisters is work that you are doing for me.
Heal the sick physically as far as you can, according to your gifts; heal the sick mentally as you give them comfort and counselling; heal the sick spiritually as you bring them to repentance and conversion, as you bring them to me.
This world is very sick, and it needs the medicine of Love which is Charity and Mercy.
Be charitable with your time for those who need you, serve them as your brothers and sisters; serve them as your own children, even if they are total strangers.
Deny your help to no one. I come to visit you personally in the sufferings of the needy; don’t miss the opportunity to serve me in them.
You see: …I really don’t need anything from anyone, but I am Love and I live when you express your Love for your neighbour.
This is the synthesis of my Gospel of Love in the book of John, to love one another, because God is Love, and when you love, God lives in you.

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