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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - GIVE, MY CHILD  342   3/23/1996   GIVE, MY CHILD

My child, I want you to open your heart to the poor and the needy; I want you to be with those who need your support, with those who will be close to you.
My child I have said that you should love your neighbour as your self, just look around, they are all people in great need, help them, they need you just as they need me. Find me in them, my child look for me in their needs and in their sufferings, know that I am there, give my child, give with all your love, give my child.
If you see any one in need try to see myself in them because whatever you do to any of these little children of mine you are doing to me, yes my child, Charity is a beautiful virtue, Charity is the perfect expression of my Love, when you help other people you are bringing my life to them, you are witnessing that God is alive and well, so, be ready to attend the needy with all your love, they need you my child, I said that the poor would be always with you and indeed they are but this is how I test hearts by placing you near the poor to see your response with your love to their needs, you see; it is all because of the injustice of men that you have the poor among you.
My child, I am making you very rich with the gift of Charity, so that you can give yourself to others, give my child, and know that I am there when you give. I love you my child.

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