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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - I AM ALL FOR YOU  355   4/4/1996   I AM ALL FOR YOU

My dear child; on this Holy Thursday remember my great Love. That during this night I gave my self to men, as food for their souls in the consecrated bread and wine, yes my child, I knew that I was going to die the next day and I instituted this Sacrament of my Presence among you. I am the food of you soul. I am your salvation. I am your Jesus, your Passover meal. So that you may pass from the Egypt of your sin and oblivion to Heaven, to eternal life, to the land of milk and honey where you can enjoy my grace and my love forever. I am you Passover meal my child, receive me with great hunger and thirst, and come very humble acknowledging your unworthiness to receive your Creator in your heart. I love you my child, I am all for you. I bless you.

Messages from Jesus

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