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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - DEATH  374   4/22/1996   DEATH

My child, when somebody dies who is very close to you, you experience a reality that has been taken away by the fantasies of the world. There is a time to be born, there is a time to die; there is a time to be born in the Spirit. That is a time to die to yourself, so that when you die in your body, you may be born eternally in the spirit and be raised before me to share my kingdom forever. Death is just another step in your journey, do not be afraid of dying my child, death is like entering through the door to my palace and you should be joyful about that encounter. Death has to happen to everyone, it is a reality that everyone must be ready to confront, death is always asking you to be always alert because nobody knows the hour or the day. You must be prepared, so when death comes to your family or around you, remember that you have another friend in heaven. Always look at the beautiful spiritual side of things. I bless you my child.

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