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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - WHERE IS CHARITY?  390   8/5/1996   WHERE IS CHARITY?

My dear child, time is running out for the salvation of many souls. Increase your prayers and devotions for them. They are your treasure.
Feel responsible for their salvation with the same feeling that you have in your soul to be saved. Many of them perish because no one is willing to pray for them,
Where is Charity? Where is that brotherly love that I taught? Where is the Hope of Salvation if you only think of yourselves?
There is too much egoism. I said, deny yourself if you want to be my disciples, but where is self denial?
There is only a handful of souls responding to my Gospel, so pray my child, because you will see me in Glory very soon. I love you.

Messages from Jesus

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